• Light Grey Weathering Spray

Light Grey Weathering Spray 200ml

Water soluble, translucent weathering dyes that make things look dirty, old and weathered. Weathering sprays are dyes (inks) in a solvent spray that evaporates quickly. There’s no acrylic and no resins. Very fine spray gets into the smallest of indents. Apply to a non-porous surface like plastic, let dry, then smudge and wipe using a damp cotton bud or tissue (kitchen roll), to create great weathered effects. Wipe off a surface, but leave the dye trapped in panel lines and projections such as stanchions making them look dirty. They are quick and easy to use, just shake them and spray. There’s no cleaning involved and the aerosol cans never block up. The more coats of Modelmates applied, the darker the colour gets, this is because it is a dye (or spray ink) and not an acrylic paint.

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Light Grey Weathering Spray

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