Vallejo Stone & Water Textures

A range of water and earth pastes/gels for creating ground work on a variety of display bases, vignettes and diorama pieces. These are ancillary items used in conjunction with acrylic paints. Acrylic resin based gels which can be used for sculpting diorama bases, these can be mixed with acrylic colours before applying to produce different colour landscapes.

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Vallejo Still Water
Still Water Val26230 200ml Vallejo Still Water is a water based polyurethane dispersion wh..
Vallejo Foam & Snow
Foam & Snow Val26231 32ml A heavy extra opaque white acrylic, applied directly from th..
Vallejo Transparent Water
Water Effects – Transparent Water Val26201: 200ml   A heavy bodied acrylic gel..
Vallejo Water Effects Mediterranean Blue
Water Effects Mediterranean Blue Val26202: 200ml A heavy bodied acrylic gel which can ..
Vallejo Water Effects Pacific Blue
Water Effects – Pacific Blue Val26203:   200ml   A heavy bodied acryli..
Vallejo Water Effects Atlantic Blue
Water Effects – Atlantic Blue Val26204: 200ml A heavy bodied acrylic gel which can be shap..
Vallejo Extra Heavy Gel
Extra Heavy Gel Val26535 200ml Extra heavy acrylic gel of the highest viscosity. It dries ..
Vallejo Mat Gel Base
Mat Gel Base Val26216 200ml A heavy bodied translucent medium it can be mixed with all col..
Vallejo Mica Flake Gel
Mica Flake Gel Val 26579 200ml An Acrylic paste of natural mica which dries to a rough tex..
Vallejo Oxide Paste
Oxide Paste Val26589 200ml A rust coloured, slightly gritty base, much more fluid and less..
Vallejo White Stucco
White Stucco Val26210 200ml Fluid white base of finely ground titanium white and acrylic r..
Vallejo White Stone
White Stone Val26211 200ml High density acrylic of marble dust and titanium white, it can ..
Vallejo Grey Pumice
Grey Pumice Val26213 200ml Very heavy coarse paste of natural pumice stone and acrylic res..
Vallejo Black Lava
Black Lava Val26214 200ml Heavy paste of natural stone and black pigment used for rough te..
Vallejo Sandy Paste
Sandy Paste Val26215 200ml A sand coloured, slightly gritty base, much more fluid and less..
Vallejo Desert Sand
Desert Sand Val26217 200ml A coloured, slightly gritty paste of acrylic resin pigment and ..
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